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In 1994 at the age of 23 Tony Mauro left the city of Buffalo,NY where he grew up and spent most of his adult life bound for the west coast to pursue his career as an illustrator. He landed in Los Angeles in November of 94′ and began working in the entertainment industry as an illustrator and designer.

Tony graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1991 with a degree in visual communications and a major in airbrush. After spending six years as an airbrush illustrator he eventually crossed over to the computer. The first several years in Los Angeles were spent working with an illustration and design studio in Santa Monica, This was where Tony refined his computer skills and began developing the style that he uses today. For about two and a half years Tony worked almost exclusively on designing posters, calendars, book covers, and video box covers for the hit show “The X-Files”.

His transition into Pin-up/Fantasy art came shortly after that when he started developing the “When Darkness Falls” Vampire Series. Using what little knowledge of photography he had from shooting his own reference as an illustrator, he started photographing friends and acquaintances on evenings and weekends. Those photographs would later serve at the foundation for his vampire series. Tony categorizes the style he uses today as photo-based illustration.

Commercially Mauro spent 11 years designing movie posters for every major film studio in Hollywood from 1994-2005. Some of the campaigns he is credited for designing are The Pirates of the Caribbean Intl, M. Knight Shyamalans The Village, The Pink Panther, Friday Night Lights, The Chronicles of Narnia and Black Christmas to name a few. You’ve probably also seen his work gracing numerous video game box covers such as Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance, Medal of Honor, Brothers in Arms, Diablo, WarCraft 2, Clive Barker’s Undying and Spiderman Friend or Foe.

Tony left Los Angeles and the Entertainment industry in 2005 and returned to his home town of Buffalo, NY to focus more of his time on his fantasy art and to explore new avenues for his work. Today he keeps very busy designing book covers for Penguin Books, Simon and Schuster, Random House and many others. He has well over 500 book covers to his credit and rising so there’s a very good chance you have some of Tony’s work in your home right now and may not even know it.

Tony can be reached at